PHOENIX Omega 3 Gummy DHA and EPA (120'gummies)
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  • No gelatin added
  • No gluten added
  • No sugar coating
  • Natural flavor in love shape gummy

PHOENIX Omega 3 Gummy DHA and EPA  (120'gummies)

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are known for their significance in a child development right from the start.
The two crucial components are DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).
It is important that children consume adequate amount of DHA to support brain, eye, and cognitive developments.
Because our bodies don't produce the DHA we need, we need to consume it through diet or supplement.
In reality, children might not be getting sufficient DHA through their daily food.
This can be due to children who are fussy eaters or do not like to consume fish.
Therefore, Phoenix Omega-3 Gummy is the ideal supplement suitable for all children.
Take Omega-3 gummy everyday, build a powerful mind! 
Benefits:DHA is highly regarded as the Brain Food; Highly beneficial towards developing brain with high IQ, especially when the brain grows rapidly during childhood. 
Cognitive development

  • Shows improvement in hand-eye coordination and enhances visual capabilityKids with ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • DHA found to improve behavior and reduce hyperactivityImproves reading and memory
  • Research suggested that DHA support improvements in reading and memory


  • No gelatin added
  • No gluten added
  • No sugar coating
  • Natural flavor in love shape gummy

Packing Size:

  • 120's Gummies per Bottle

Direction of use:

  • Children 2-4 years: 2 gummies daily
  • Children 4 years & above: 4 gummies daily

Normal Price : RM48 per Bottle 

您知道小孩 缺乏OMEGA 3可能产生学习,记忆,视力和行为举动方面的问题? OMEGA 3可以促进脑部发育并有助于提高儿童的记忆力,行为举动,读写能力,对学习不集中等问题的有明显的帮助。凤凰OMEGA 3 Gummy即美味又方便,是大人小孩最理想的‘脑部营养’,健康食品。最棒的是不会粘牙,不用担心小孩牙齿被侵蚀的问题。

功能 | Indication
- 帮助脑部发育和成长

- 增强记忆力

- 保持健康的脾性

What's in the box

- 120's Gummies per Bottle